Meet our readers – Michael Van Kerckhove

Our September lineup includes one Mr. Michael Van Kerckhove, who has graciously accepted our invitation to read at TASW’s premiere show. (See how I did that?  Now That’s All She Wrote has an acronym, it’s a thing now.) Michael’s superpowers include the ability to grow impressive amounts of facial hair, and waiting on tables without losing his mind.  When he’s not studying at DePaul University’s Master of Arts in Writing & Publishing, he can be found at many a storytelling venue in Chicago. He’s been invited to share stories at a number of events including: Essay Fiesta, Mortified, Story Club, Story Lab, and This Much Is True. He has also co-produced and performed in several events with NewTown Writers, and does volunteer work at Open Books. While not nerding out over Band of Brothers, The Cure, or his Darth Vader Pancake spatula, he reviews snacks for  He is putting off his Editing homework to spend time with us at TASW, which we appreciate immensely.  Learn more at


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