Meet our readers – Dana Norris

With just two weeks until our premiere show (two weeks and one day if we’re getting technical), we at That’s All She Wrote are busy collecting bios, stressing out about what to read, and wondering how cost effective it is to buy our own mic and amp.  We’re also thrilled to start announcing our lineup, beginning with the lively and vivacious Dana Norris, who in addition to her literary prowess, has mastered the art of wearing scene-stealing heels.

Dana is the founder and host of Story Club.  She once went on 120 internet dates and writes about those mistakes for the websites In Our Words and Role Reboot.  She has been published in McSweeney’s,  the Tampa Review, and her stories have been featured on (89.5 FM).   She performs around Chicago with Mortified, The Kates, Essay Fiesta, This Much is True, Beast Women, and many others.

Dana received a Bachelors in Creative Writing and Religion from Wittenberg University, a Master in Religious Studies from The University of Chicago, and a Certificate in Creative Nonfiction from The University of Chicago.  She is currently pursuing her MFA in Creative Nonfiction from Northwestern University.


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