Posted in August 2012

A rather unfortunate announcement…

Hello there fans of our fledgling, yet-to-be-seen show, Premise, in it’s current iteration, has closed.  We got the news today, and it is bumming us out. We are working to find a new venue, and will keep you posted on our progress. XO

Meet our readers – Keith Ecker

We at TASW are super-psyched to have Keith Ecker in our debut lineup.  Keith is impressive for many reasons: He grew up in Texas He has a full, lush head of hair He’s very punctual Other impressive facts about him include: Keith Ecker is the co-producer of Essay Fiesta, a non-fiction live lit event which … Continue reading

Meet our readers – Tom Wolferman

We at TASW are thrilled to include Mr. Tom Wolferman in our inaugural lineup.  Tom has graced the mic at a number of live lit venues in Chicago, including: Story Lab, Story Club, and Essay Fiesta.  As a freelance copywriter, Tom has written about surgeon’s gloves, cat litter, cement, pinball machines, hardware stores, men’s suits, … Continue reading

Meet our readers – Michael Van Kerckhove

Our September lineup includes one Mr. Michael Van Kerckhove, who has graciously accepted our invitation to read at TASW’s premiere show. (See how I did that?  Now That’s All She Wrote has an acronym, it’s a thing now.) Michael’s superpowers include the ability to grow impressive amounts of facial hair, and waiting on tables without … Continue reading

Meet our readers – Dana Norris

With just two weeks until our premiere show (two weeks and one day if we’re getting technical), we at That’s All She Wrote are busy collecting bios, stressing out about what to read, and wondering how cost effective it is to buy our own mic and amp.  We’re also thrilled to start announcing our lineup, … Continue reading

Sunday, September 9th: Our First Show!

Don’t you want to be able to say that you were at the very first That’s All She Wrote? Of course you do. Sunday, September 9th at 8:00 pm. Come sip some incredibly fine cocktails, lounge in the gorgeous salon space at Premise and pretend you’re Hemingway in Paris. September line up coming soon! Watch … Continue reading